Most of my hand-strung bracelets are stretchy and are made with high quality latex free cord (unless made with another material as noted). All bracelets are sized with a professional bracelet sizer. Professional sizing this way is often different than measuring length in linear inches. You will receive the size you ordered, so please measure your wrist accurately and consider how you will want your bracelet to fit (snug or loose). My bracelets come in many sizes and I am not a “one size fits most” designer. Some items are limited if the design is one of a kind or very small batch. If you don’t see your size, email me to discuss options. Custom sizing is usually available if needed.

Necklaces are measured in linear inches and chunky necklaces will run a bit shorter when worn (compared to dainty necklaces or chains) due to the circumference of larger beads. See image below for general length guidance.


Use a soft, flexible measuring tape and measure just above (towards elbow) the wrist bone, then add approximately ¼ inch to 1 inch (½ inch is average) depending on how tight or loose you like your bracelets to fit. In general, I recommend that button design bracelets or those with focal beads on the top be more fitted to keep the buttons/focal beads on the top of your wrist. Please also keep in mind that if you intend to stack your bracelets, you may require slightly different sizes, since they will rest on different parts of your wrist that may vary in width.


I will happily restring bracelets for a $5 fee if you accidentally break them or if they are too snug or too loose, but please keep in mind that they are made to the size you ordered. DbLL is not responsible for reimbursement of your return shipping or shipping costs back to you after an item is restrung or resized.

Broken wire on necklaces is not considered a design defect. Wire used is very strong, but excessive force or bending can snap it, especially with heavier materials. Necklaces can be restrung for $10-20, depending on complexity of design and materials needed, plus return shipping.

The return shipping fee for restrung items is $4.00-7.20+ (depending on the packaging and weight of the item(s) and the price to ship items back and insure them (if applicable).