I make products with quality materials at a great price-point. However, all jewelry items are considered to be delicate (especially earrings), no matter how they are made.

Body oils, perfume, sweat, water, cosmetics and dyes (i.e. new blue jeans) may damage beads, tassels, pompoms, fringe, fabrics, metal or painted item finishes (i.e. hand painted bamboo or painted wooden beads) with exposure and/or constant wear. Excess force, bending, shaking, twisting, pulling, snagging, tangling, poor storage, exposure to liquids, etc. can break and damage jewelry. Necklace wire is strong, but wire can be snapped if too much tension is placed on it due to excessive bending, pressure, force, etc. In addition, slamming your wrist down on a hard surface may also break or damage bracelets. Items broken, faded or otherwise damaged due to donning, general wear and tear or improper storage cannot be replaced or refunded.

Proper storage of your jewelry (especially during travel) is extremely important. I recommend storing stretchy bracelets flat instead of hanging. I also recommend storing heavier necklaces flat, using care not to bend them in a position that places excessive tension on the wire. Tassel jewelry should be wrapped carefully to protect the strands when traveling. Please use care when attaching post earring backs; too much force can bend and damage or break posts, which will not warrant a refund or replacement.


Most of the pearls used in my designs are real freshwater pearls. Since these can be cost prohibitive for some designs, I also incorporate the use of faux glass pearls, cotton pearls and mother of pearl beads. Always protect any type of pearls from contact with items that can crush them or scratch the surface. The best way to keep your freshwater pearl luster shiny and beautiful is by wearing them. Your body's natural oils can keep pearls moist and lustrous. Wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off. The cloth can be dampened with water or it can be dry. If damp, allow the pearls to air dry before putting them away. I recommend not applying aerosol hair products, perfume, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc. in parts of the body that may come in direct contact with pearls as this may damage the luster. 


I recommend keeping your gold-plated jewelry dry. The finish will last much longer if you avoid getting gold plated jewelry wet. I also recommend that you not apply hairspray, perfume, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc. in parts of the body that may come in direct contact with gold plated beads.

Certain items in my shop are made with raw brass (i.e. pagoda earrings). Raw brass is a commonly used material in jewelry and it may tarnish depending on the amount of humidity it is exposed to. This is not a design flaw and does not indicate that materials used are of poor quality. Brass can be polished with common household brass cleaner (following the manufacturer’s directions). Spot polishing with a Q-tip is an easy method to remove tarnish areas. Please reach out if this happens and you need to polish and item and want to verify that materials are made of brass. Please do not get brass cleaning products on gold plated components (beads, hooks or posts) as this may damage the finish. Brass components may also be polished with a 1:3 white vinegar and water solution if they become tarnished. Be sure to buff, wipe off vinegar solution and dry jewelry after cleaning and keep in mind that the cleaner you use may damage other components if exposed.