Please understand that there may be slight delays in package shipping times due to the pandemic. DbLL assumes no responsibility for packages delayed due to handling by the USPS. Refunds are not available for packages that arrive later than anticipated. Shipping insurance claims may be an option, if and only if, a Priority Mail upgrade was purchased.

Frequent hand washing and obsessive cleanliness practices are nothing new for me. As a former Communicable Disease Prevention Specialist and Public Health Educator (prior to my HR management/ consulting career and design business), I have always been obsessively clean. Know that anything I have made and anything I send you has been carefully handled using cleanliness practices according to CDC recommendations.


Order fulfillment generally takes 3-5 business days to process before shipping. Orders may take up to a week to process during the COVID-19 pandemic since I have limited my studio time each week.          

Processing times will be slightly extended for most orders made during the busy Christmas holiday season
since most items in my shop are made to order. Larger/multiple orders, hand painted items and wholesale orders take about 1-2 weeks. Please note that I am not generally able to take rush orders during the busy holiday season. Please contact me prior to making your order if you need it rushed to verify whether or not I can accommodate your timeline.

Please note that USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) and Priority Mail Express (1-2 days) shipping upgrade methods do not mean your order is expedited or processed faster by DbLL. This method of shipping is simply a faster shipping method provided by the USPS once an item has been processed by DbLL and usually ships faster than First Class Mail, depending on your location.


Please contact me if you are in the Athens, GA area and would like to meet and pick up your order instead of having it shipped. Processing/fulfillment times are the same for local customers as stated above.


Custom orders are usually available. Please do not contact me asking me to copy another designer's item. It breaks my heart when my own designs are copied, so I do not wish to do this to others. Please note that I may not able to accommodate some custom orders during busy holiday seasons unless I am given enough time. Email me to discuss options (see CONTACT tab at bottom of Home Page).  


I use quality materials in my jewelry. Please note that any bone, pearl, gemstone, glass or wooden beads used are natural materials and the porcelain beads I use are hand painted and are often vintage. Some may have slight variations in shape or color and some may have a few minor imperfections, which I believe give them character. For the most part, materials are listed for each item and they are correct to the best of my knowledge. Types of thread (polyester, nylon, etc.) may vary and may be unknown. Types of metal used in my designs include: raw brass; gold plated copper, silver or brass; silver plated brass; metal alloy. Please message me prior to purchasing if you have any known allergic reactions to certain materials.


My jewelry designs are either one-of-a-kind or "small batch." Snag an item quickly if you see one you love. I don't always make duplicates, unless upon special request and only as supplies are available. Please do not copy my designs, even if for personal use and you do not intend to sell items on your own. I work very hard to develop fresh new designs and have unique jewelry in my shop. From time to time, while I am sourcing materials, I may find a fabulous finished piece or jewelry that I have not designed myself and I will pop it in my shop. That said, 99% of the jewelry in my shop has been designed and made by me.


My hand-painted or hand-drawn ornaments are made to order. Prices may be slightly higher on some custom ornament orders due to the significant amount of time spent on preparing samples, mock-ups and adjustments. My ornaments are hand drawn in ink or oil paint. Hand painted versions will usually have higher prices due to the significant differences in labor time (application of multiple paint layers) and materials. All of my ornaments are hand painted/drawn original designs and they are tiny pieces of art. I do not use stencils and generally do not make the same design twice, unless requested by my customers and even then, each one will vary slightly. Ornaments are glass, making them very fragile. Ornaments should be handled carefully; paint or ink can scratch or smear if exposed to rough handling or surfaces. Keep ornaments away from lotions, hand sanitizers or other liquids. I take pride in my work and make every attempt to make my work neat with clean lines, but please keep in mind that there may be minor imperfections in certain areas; working on small, round, glass objects is very difficult when creating art by hand. I use a variety of glass ornament manufacturers. Cap styles may vary and from time to time, the glass may have very minor flaws. I try to use ornaments with zero to minimal flaws. Most imperfections will generally not be noticeable, especially once hung on a tree.